Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to naturally lighten your hair!

These methods are the easiest well known home remedies that will naturally lighten your hair without damaging it! I got inspired by Rosie Huntington's hair (brown with natural looking blonde highlights) to write this post :).

For Brunettes
key word: HONEY!
Honey works the best for brunettes; it conditions your hair and releases a small amount of hydrogen peroxide which will lighten your hair without causing any damage.

HOW TO? Mix a tablespoon of honey with two table spoons of any conditioner (or more depending on the thickness of your hair) into a jar with a lid. Then close the jar and let it sit for about 15minutes. Then apply to your dry hair, wrap it in a plastic bag/towel, let it sit for at least 40minutes and rinse out!

HOW OFTEN? Once a week and you should see results within 5-8 uses.

For Blondes
key word: LEMON!
If you have blonde hair, lemon juice is the best way to lighten it.
The advantage of using lemon juice is that you can use it as often as every two days and therefore the process should work pretty fast.

HOW TO? Just mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with a gallon of water and apply it after shampooing/conditioning your hair. Do not rinse out!

HOW OFTEN? Lemon can dry out your hair therefore I’d recommend using it 3 times a week and deep condition once a week to keep your hair smooth.