Sunday, May 29, 2011

SHINY HAIR inpsired by Emily DiDonato

Add SHINE to your hair

It's hard to keep your hair shiny especially if its long or if you have coloured it. So here are some tips you need to follow in order to achieve shiny hair like the beautiful Emily :).

So let me start with saying, for your hair to be naturally shiny you need to be following a healthy diet that incorporates lots of Vitamin E! (nuts and green vegetables etc.) 

When it comes to washing your hair, the best way to avoid dry or oily hair but keep it nice and healthy is washing it every 2-3 days! 
Only you know what shampoo works the best for you.
The most known tip is to splash cold water on your hair before jumping out of the shower (cold water with lemon in it is great) +brush your hair before washing it!

Blow-drying? “A blow-dryer on full heat will dry hair quicker, however, it can also send it into shock, leaving you with fuzzy ends. Try working on the second hottest setting and see how much easier the hair is to handle; the shine appears before your eyes.” says Jason King from Muse Hair, Sydney.

Straight hair shines the most, and yes that includes flat ironed hair, however that is only temporary! (heat style as less as possible!) I have wavy/curly hair and since I get split ends like crazy I only straighten my hair occasionally. 
For best results I recommend using VO5 so smooth. It not only ads shine but also keeps the hair straight if you have trouble keeping your hair sleek for longer than couple of hours (like me :) while also protecting it.

Two other things everyone is talking about is deep conditioning at least once a week! This will add just the right amount of moisture in your hair which = shine.
Also do not use million of hair products on regular basis since it leads to dull hair.

Hope this helps :)
Love Jess xxo