Friday, May 27, 2011

Russel James: "Adriana Lima looked too gorgeous"

The boys stay in the shot! Set designer Tristam Steinberg builds the most extraordinary sets. and his attention to detail is amazing-so much so that I have more than a few frames with Tristam and his team in the background. Adriana Lima looked too gorgeous to take this frame out so everybody stays in!
This shot down on Erin Heatherton puts into perspective the location and the overall vibe of the shoot. Looks easy but note the poor girl is laying looking straight up at the sun-and does an amazing job helping get the shot.

Shot this is very strong light and Adriana has the rare ability to keep her eyes open in the brightest sun. Very strong high contrast light works great for black and white. One of the game changers of digital, I used to have to decide on the spot and have all the film in the cameras changed to black and white. Now its a post production decision    
A reminder of the day and the set and the crew.