Monday, May 30, 2011

Dress like Miranda Kerr!

Miranda's hottest looks always include a blazer! Any time she can, she puts one on, whether she is wearing a dress or jeans.
Going to a party? Miranda loves to mix a red dress with nude heels, simply perfect. 
Not sure about maxi dresses? Well Miranda is a fan, which is good news since maxi dresses are super comfortable and can be worn by anyone. 
In winter, Kerr's best friend are long scarves that I am sure everyone can afford!
She also always has a nice pair of shoes, never anything too fancy or dangerous though, she tends to wear comfy yet chic heels or flats.
SO what are you waiting for? Get a blazer, a maxi dress and a scarf and you are ready to rock the streets like the bombshell herself;).

Red dress with nude heels

MAXI dresses

Long scarves

Heel wedge shoes/winter boots